About us

Education is the first step in Children’s enlightenment to the path of success & betterment of a civilized society !

Mangalore Education centre provides a platform that gives exemplary educational services ! It is a hub of well trained, knowledgeable team of professionals  in the field of education

We take care & provide in depth training & coaching for class IX, X, XI, XII, Medical and Engineering


  • Help prepare educational professionals
  • Enhance the commitment of faculty, staff & students to the centrality of diversity
  • Sustain a caring, supportive climate throughout the institute
  • Enhance effective & efficient management of the institute


  • Mangalore Education centre will be a leader in the integration of:
    1. Teaching & Learning
    2. Advancement of knowledge base
  • It will be a leader in preparing professionals who provide leadership & exemplary educational services to improve the lives of individuals in a changing a complex global society


  • Academic excellence & Integrity
  • Outstanding teaching & service
  • Individual & collective excellence


  • A literate & educated citizen is vital to a democratic society
  • All people are entitled to high quality of education, individual dignity, professional integrity & positive nurturing environment !
  • A dynamic education system fosters an equitable, productive economy in a global environment !
  • Technology should be used to improve the quality of teaching, research & scholarship & outreach to the state, nation & the world
  • Interdisciplinary programs should be  used to enhance human learning, growth & development across the life span.